Travel News > March 2008 > Holiday homes gaining popularity in France

Holiday homes gaining popularity in France


An increasing number of people are buying holiday homes in France according to VEF Group.

The French property company says that environmental concerns have fuelled the desire to snap up property in the nation, as home owners can get to France by means other than air.

Cherise Williams a spokesperson for VEF said: "Environmental concerns do seem to be having an effect with many people on the location they choose for their overseas property.

"The price of property and the search for a better climate has also influenced the decision to buy a French property. France also retains its popularity because of its closeness to the UK."

She added that VEF has found that 13 per cent more people in 2007 than in 2006 were looking to buy in France because of its accessibility by travel means such as train and car.

According to French property market figures, although house prices continue to grow in the nation, the rate at which French property prices are rising has been slowing down since the end of 2004.

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