Travel News > January 2008 > Hand luggage restrictions waived

Hand luggage restrictions waived


Hand luggage restrictions are to be relaxed at 22 UK airports from today, it has been confirmed.

Under security restrictions, UK travellers have been allowed only one piece of hand luggage since August 2006.

However, as of today, several carriers will be allowing passengers to carry two items of luggage onto planes, after the restriction was waived by the government.

The move was praised by airport operator BAA, which described the move as a "welcome start".

Roger Wiltshire of the BAA told Radio Five Live: "What happened in August 2006 meant it was very difficult for airports to cope with security and this was an attempt to take some of the burden, sort of relieve them of some of the workload.

"What we see now is proof that the airports can cope with the new security regime and it means that queues are shorter than we have experienced in the last 15 months."

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