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Gordon Brown gets healthy on holiday


Gordon Brown is getting healthy on his holiday by taking part in some pilates.

The Guardian newspaper reports that the prime minister is getting into shape in Suffolk with the help of personal trainer Millie Dobie, who is a 42-year-old former actress.

Ms Dobie told the Daily Telegraph: "We don't dive through hoops, we don't leap over trees; he has a very safe and effective programme, something suitable for his age and fitness.

"He is doing very well, I'm very pleased with him. It's a combination of fitness and pilates."

A spokesperson for the prime minister added that like millions of other people in the country, Mr Brown wishes to use his vacation time to look after his health.

In related news, David Gaskell, manager of Schofield Insurance Brokers, has told the Daily Telegraph that holidaymakers taking a break in Britain this year should not forget their travel insurance.

According to Mr Gaskell, the price of holidaying in Britain is now “pretty high” and therefore travel insurance is an important thing to have in place.

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