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Golfing breaks receive a boost in profile


Golfing breaks are to receive a boost this year thanks to a new partnership between Your Golf Holidays and the English Golf Union (EGU).

Your Golf Holidays has signed a deal to sponsor several EGU events, such as The Spring Medal, The English Amateur Trophy and The Captain's Regional and Grand Finals.

Owner of the tour operator, Morgan Clarke, said that he is "delighted" to have clinched the deal.

He added: "Through our partnership, we hope to assist in making more people take up our great game and to help current English golf players have even more fun."

Earlier this week, golfing holiday fan and director of the NSW Golf Association, Greg Mills, explained what it is he loves about this type of getaway.

"Golfing holidays are a great way to marry relationships ... with friends and family," he told

Your Golf Holidays is a privately-owned tour operator, which has been providing luxury golfing breaks for over 25 years.

It aims to ensure that both experienced golfers and novices enjoy an "unforgettable experience" in whichever country they choose to play in.

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