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Further threats could affect tourists wanting to travel to Greece


Last week, tourists and locals in Greece were affected by fuel shortages when thousands of tankers went on strike - they were protesting against changes to licensing laws. The situation started to go back to normal last night and fuel should be flowing freely from today. However, a new threat could prevent more tourists from wanting to travel to Greece.

A guerrilla group known as the Sect of Revolutionaries has threatened to turn Greece into a war zone this summer, which could cause further disruptions to the travel plans of tourists looking to travel to Greece. The gang of guerrillas first reared their heads in 2008 after the riots in Greece.

The Sect of Revolutionaries issued a leaflet that read: 'Tourists should know that Greece is no longer a safe haven of capitalism.' The group were responsible for the death of a Greek journalist last month, and they claim that they will threaten Greece with arson, bomb attacks and armed killings. The Sect, however, has not made a direct threat against tourists.

Terrorist attacks can be indiscriminate, and areas frequented by tourists are sometimes attacked. Tourists should remain vigilant in bars, clubs and shopping centres in case they are targeted. The Foreign Office has advised British tourists to remain vigilant if they are on holiday in Greece.

Tour operators are trying to persuade holidaymakers to travel to Greece by offering heavily discounted package deals. Olympic Holidays has discounted some of their holiday packages by 60% due to the slip in demand.

The Foreign Office has not changed its advice about travelling to Greece. Their current advice for the country states that there is a general threat of terrorism and demonstrations and strikes are likely to cause disruption throughout the summer. If you are thinking of taking a holiday in Greece this summer, check the Foreign Office website regularly in case the situation changes.

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