Travel News > January 2008 > Foreign Office relaxes Kenya advice

Foreign Office relaxes Kenya advice


The foreign office's advice for people travelling to Kenya has been relaxed, but they still warn of avoiding the area.

Until today the Foreign Office had warned against all but essential travel to the country, but has now selected the areas this applies to.

Included in the warned-against areas are Mombasa town, the business district of Nairobi and the Uhuru Park.

However, the foreign office does warn that the country's situation remains unpredictable and people in dangerous areas should remain indoors.

The office also warns against any public gatherings and rallies, even if intended to be peaceful.

It told travellers to contact tour operators if they have booked flights, as some companies have cancelled all holidays to Kenya.

The rest of the country has been reduced to the fourth level of security in the foreign office's travel advice system.

The level was changed despite another weekend of violence with at least 30 people being killed in the Rift Valley area as post-election violence continues, according to the BBC.

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