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Foreign Office lifts travel ban to Thailand


The Foreign Office has lifted its blanket restriction on travel to Thailand but it is still advising tourists to avoid the capital Bangkok and to take care in the popular resorts of Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

On its website, the Foreign Office says: The political situation is unpredictable and throughout Thailand there is a continued risk that protests may result in violent disturbances. Travellers are advised to avoid political demonstrations and large gatherings.

"You should exercise caution especially in the northern provinces and Pattaya."

The Foreign Office issued its ban against all but essential travel to Thailand last week after anti-government protests that started in Bangkok in April spread to other parts of the country.

The ban meant that holidaymakers were unlikely to be able to obtain travel insurance for trips to Thailand and tour operators were forced to offer clients who had already booked alternative holidays or refunds.

Political violence has now eased but the Foreign Office said the situation in Bangkok remains tense and it is advising visitors to Thailand to avoid the capital.

"Wherever possible, you should take transport services which do not involve transiting areas of Bangkok where political protests are taking place it said. If violence breaks out near where you are staying you should stay indoors, monitor the media and regularly check the Foreign Office advice."

Although travel companies say they have not seen any significant fall in demand for holidays to Thailand this summer, they are expected to offer a number of cut-price holidays to try to lure back visitors.

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