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Football fans should have their wallets at the ready to buy World Cup tickets


FIFA will release more tickets tomorrow, February 9, for the World Cup in South Africa this summer. Already two-thirds of all tickets have been sold for the tournament, which kicks off in Johannesburg on June 11.

An additional 400,000 individual tickets for all matches or team-specific tickets will be available to buy directly from FIFA from tomorrow until April 7.

For those still looking for accommodation in South Africa during the tournament, the good news is that nearly 8,000 hotel rooms have been put back on the market due to lower than expected demand.

The bad news is that most of the hotels are outside the cities where matches are to be played, and most of the rooms are only available on non-match nights.

That said, they could be a good option for fans looking for more affordable accommodation, as long as they can find transport to and from the stadia on match days, which is something they should check out before booking a hotel.

Although South Africa is generally a cheap holiday destination due to the low value of the local currency, the rand, hotel rooms in cities hosting matches are selling for up to five times their usual price.

News of the price hikes are unlikely to put England fans off following their team to South Africa, however. Already 41,000 match tickets have been sold to British football fans, the majority of whom are likely to be following Engerrrland all the way.

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