Travel News > March 2008 > Festival-goers urged to take cover

Festival-goers urged to take cover


People attending festivals in the UK or elsewhere around Europe ought to ensure they have adequate car insurance, it has been claimed.

Erik Nelson, a spokesperson for the RAC, said that if people were going to a festival and were planning to let someone else in their group drive, they should inform their insurer and add them as a named driver.

"That way the person will be fully covered. Should there come a time to make a claim that person will be covered if you have issues behind the wheel," Mr Nelson said.

The expert explained that if a person wanted to drive their friend's car and were insured fully comprehensively, this would only amount to third-party cover on their friend's vehicle.

For those looking to travel to one of the big European festivals or simply to spend a holiday on the continent, the AA recently advised people to check that they had sufficient cover.

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