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Don't Goa topless while on a bike


Holidaymakers in Goa have been asked not to go topless, especially while riding two-wheelers, according to a report in The Times of India.

Fed up with scantily-clad foreigners, the government of the Indian state, which attracts about 400,000 overseas holidaymakers a year, has issued booklets advising them how to dress appropriately.

Available in tourist offices and hotels, the booklet says that while Goans are generally tolerant towards the informal European style of dress, visitors should respect local customs and religions.

Printed in English and Russian, the booklet warns visitors that nudity on beaches, including topless sunbathing, is strictly forbidden in Goa. The list of 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' for holidaymakers includes dressing appropriately while riding bikes.

Produced by the state's tourist office, the booklet says: "Never ride a two-wheeler without clothes on the upper part of the body." It also reminds visitors that riding without a helmet is an offence in Goa.

The booklet has been issued following growing concerns in Goa about the behaviour of tourists. Goa MP Shantaram Naik recently alleged that scantily-clad Russians were corrupting the locals.

It also reminds visitors of India's zero-tolerance on drug taking and possession which has become a major problem for Goa. The tiny state is renowned for drug-fuelled beach parties, particularly on New Year's Eve.

There have also been several deaths of tourists - some of them British - from drug abuse in Goa's resorts in recent years but now it seems the authorities are trying to clean up its beaches.

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