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Dare to take the family on a rollercoaster break this Easter


As all the major theme parks are preparing to open their doors for the 2010 season, now would be a good time to start planning a family short break over Easter or the summer half-term holiday.

Only bear in mind that such trips are not for the faint-hearted as Alton Towers has a new stomach-turning Th13teen rollercoaster and Thorpe Park has a new SAW Alive! horror maze. If you feel sick just thinking about these, better to head to Legoland which has a much tamer new pirate themed land.

Several tour operators can organise overnight packages to many UK theme parks with accommodation on site or nearby. If you go for two nights or more, remember to buy travel insurance with cancellation cover and protection for personal belongings.

Alton Towers will take the covers off its new rollercoaster, Th13teen, on March 20. Dubbed the 'pyschoaster', the ride is based on the discovery of an ancient burial site in the Dark Forest.

Superbreak has packages to Alton Towers, including overnight accommodation in Stoke-on-Trent and two days' entry to the park, from £173 for a family of four.

Thorpe Park boasts its new SAW Alive! maze will become the 'world's most extreme horror attraction'. Featuring six iconic themes from the gruesome SAW films, the maze is aimed only at the brave and bloodthirsty. Superbreak has packages including overnight accommodation and a two-day entry ticket from £155 per person.

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