Travel News > March 2010 > Cruise trip to woo football fans with World Cup screenings

Cruise trip to woo football fans with World Cup screenings


Ladies, the World Cup may not scupper your chances of going on holiday this summer after all as two cruise lines have promised to screen every one of England's matches on board their ships.

Now, while you might not relish the thought of your husbands sitting glued to the big screen during your holiday, this must surely be better than being forced to stay at home for the duration of the World Cup. Or until England gets kicked out.

Thomson and Island Cruises will show games lives on big screens in specially located areas of all of their ships, the Thomson Dream, Thomson Celebration, Thomson Spirit, Thomson Destiny and the Island Escape.

Some Brazil and Spain games will also be shown live on board the ships�and while the husbands watch the matches their wives will be able to indulge in selected spa treatments which the ships will offer at a discount during the screenings.

To those wives (or indeed husbands) who worry that the football will sabotage their holidays, the cruise lines' Managing Director David Selby said: It's important to remember that the games will only take up a couple of hours a day once or twice a week on a seven day itinerary.

"This means that the rest of the time our passengers can enjoy all that the cruise ships have to offer".

Typically holiday bookings slump during a World Cup year as football fans are reluctant to travel during the games, but they soar as soon as England gets knocked out. By showing the matches lives, the cruise lines hope their ships will still be full from when the tournament kicks off to the final whistle.

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