Travel News > September 2008 > "Crazy" to go abroad without cover

"Crazy" to go abroad without cover


Britons who choose to head overseas without adequate travel insurance must be "crazy" an industry commentator asserts.

John Boyles, an account manager with Endsleigh Insurance, warns the costs of an incident when abroad can be "enormous".

Furthermore, he urges holidaymakers to remember no one is immune from accidents, making cover vital.

It is possible many people believe they are simply protected by reciprocal agreements with other countries, Mr Boyles states.

"They don't protect you for all of the things that might happen," he adds.

Mr Boyles concludes that even people who are taking short trips within Europe should make sure they have adequate insurance.

He recommends people do not cut back on cover to cope with the credit crunch.

According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the average cost of treatment for a broken leg in the US is £24,000.

It notes a week's stay in a Greek hospital can be as much as £5,000.

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