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Could your TripAdvisor review get you into trouble?


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A Canadian man is being taken to court by a hotel about which he gave a bad review on TripAdvisor.

The man, who stayed at the hotel in Quebec in April, alleged that he was bitten by bed bugs and wrote a damming review on the popular review site to let others know about his experience.

The hotel asked for the review to be removed and have now launched legal proceedings against the man accusing him of defamation. The hotel claims that the review has adversely affected their business.

Although being taken to court after writing a bad review is very unusual; for the sake of other users and to keep sites such as TripAdvisor a useful source of information, it is always best to be honest and objective when you write a review.

If you have had a bad experience, allow yourself time to calm down before you write anything so that your review is rational and unbiased rather than over emotional.

It is also best practice, if you are unhappy with the service you receive at a hotel or restaurant to let them know at the time, rather than just putting up with it and then writing a scathing review later.

This gives them the opportunity to put things right and could also make the remainder of your stay or meal much more enjoyable.

How an establishment deals with a problem and whether they can rectify it to your satisfaction is a true test of good service.

Another point to note if you are use review sites to help you choose a hotel or restaurant is that even honest reviews reflect an individual's opinions and tastes, and they could be very different from your own. Always read a number of reviews so that you can get a balanced view before making any decisions.

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