Travel News > April 2008 > Cathy Pacific improves first class facilities

Cathy Pacific improves first class facilities


Business travellers flying on long haul trips may be pleased to hear that Cathy Pacific has announced plans to upgrade its first class service.

The Hong Kong-based airline, which flies to business hubs such as Beijing, Washington DC and Singapore, will introduce the improved facilities on its new aircraft.

It will also retrospectively install them on its existing long haul planes, ensuring that all passengers benefit from the improvements.

Philippe de Gentile-Williams, the airline's European general manager, said: "We are confident that we have created a cabin that fulfilled passengers' needs and re-iterated Cathay Pacific's position as a world class premium airline."

A seat that can double-up as a armchair or extra-long bed will now be available for first class passengers travelling with the airline.

Mr Gentile-Williams explained the airline took the decision to upgrade its first class services following customer feedback, which revealed a desire for "more privacy and control" over their in-flight environment.

Cathy Pacific is currently ranked as the world's tenth most profitable airline and it carried 16.7 million passengers in 2006.

The airline flies to 112 destinations in 35 countries worldwide and on average operates around 1,250 departures per week.

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