Travel News > November 2007 > CAA recommends rise in airport charges

CAA recommends rise in airport charges


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has endorsed increases to the amount carriers pay for landing spots at London's transport hubs.

The injection of cash would enable security standards and levels of customer service to be improved, the CAA claims.

Under the proposals, BAA, which operates Heathrow airport, would be in line for a 15.6 per cent increase in its charge for each passenger, bringing the cost to £11.97.

Meanwhile, at Gatwick airlines would be charged an extra 8.2 per cent, equating to a fee of £6.07 for each.

Dr Harry Bush, CAA group director of economic regulation, said: "The CAA considers it only right that, as airlines and passengers face the prospect of paying more to use each airport (significantly so at Heathrow), there should be greater financial incentives on the airport operator to deliver the facilities and services that give rise to those price increases."

The proposals follow stinging criticism of both London airports from the Competition Commission.

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