Travel News > May 2010 > Brits are still taking their holidays in Jamaica in spite of unrest

Brits are still taking their holidays in Jamaica in spite of unrest


The search continues for elusive drug lord, Christopher Coke, in Kingston, Jamaica. Since the search began, 44 people have died, as outbreaks of gunfire rip through the capital.

Police and soldiers are pressing through the Tivoli Gardens of west Kingston in search of Mr Coke, known as 'Dudus' by his followers. Many local people support him and they are determined to prevent his extradition. If caught, he faces a life sentence on drug charges. So far, more than 200 of his supporters have been detained and weapons have been seized.

Mr Coke is seen by many as an asset to the community, as he has been known to help impoverished people. With so many fans in the ranks, it could be difficult to track him down. A state of emergency has been in force since Friday, which has been preventing residents from leaving their homes for food and water supplies.

Both the Norman Manley International Airport and the British High Commission had been closed for some time, but they are due to reopen today.

The Foreign Office is advising against all but essential travel to Kingston. The north of the island, a popular spot for tourists, is perfectly safe if people still want to take their holidays in Jamaica.

Thomson, Thomas Cook and Kuoni are advising travellers that normal conditions apply to their package holidays. People that are book on one of their holidays in Jamaica will not be affected by the disturbances in Kingston.

Most Brits taking holidays in Jamaica from the UK will fly into Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay - they won't be going anywhere near Kingston.

British Airways is rerouting flights that were due to fly into Kingston today. They will now be landing in Montego Bay. They are allowing travellers taking holidays in Jamaica to rebook flights that are due to land in Kingston over the next 72 hours. If you have a flight booked to Kingston with BA, contact the airline or visit their website for details.

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