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Britons warned to be vigilant in Thailand


British holidaymakers visiting Thailand are being advised to take care this weekend when hundreds of thousands of Thais are expected to stage political demonstrations from Friday.

If violence breaks out, the UK Foreign Office has warned British holidaymakers in Thailand to stay indoors and to monitor developments via the media and the Foreign Office website.

Anti-government protestors have announced plans to hold large demonstrations throughout Thailand. On March 12, protesters say that they will gather at several locations in central Bangkok and will then move through the city to Ratchadmnoen Avenue, where demonstrations will continue throughout the weekend, culminating in a major protest on March 14.

The Thai Prime Minister has warned that intelligence reports indicate the possibility of sabotage, leading to violence in the capital. Security has been stepped up, which may include random searches of vehicles and people and British tourists are reminded they must carry their passports with them at all times.

It is possible the protestors, part of the red-shirt movement trying to topple the government, may attempt to seize Bangkok's international airport, which could lead to flight disruption.

Tour operators are continuing to operate to Thailand as usual and, unless the Foreign Office issues a travel ban, clients who wish to cancel due to the protests risk losing any money they have already paid.

Holidaymakers should make sure they have adequate travel insurance in case their trips are affected by the demonstrations. They should make sure they have cover for medical emergencies, repatriation, theft or damage to belongings and delay and cancellation cover.

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