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British seasides "very popular"


Massive spending on British seasides means that more people are visiting them and they now account for 36 per cent of British trips, according to one expert.

The British Resorts and Destination Association (Brada) has said that more people visit the coast now than did in the "seaside era" of the 1950s and 60s.

Figures from Brada show that 22.5 million UK people visited the seaside in 2006.

Peter Hampson, director of Brada, said that it is now a very different destination, with more activities and eateries than the past.

"There is now a vast array of different activities and people don't just holiday in the summer. It's a much bigger and wider marketplace."

Mr Hampson said: "There has been massive investment over the last ten years in both public infrastructure, such as footpaths and shopping centres and the private sector - such as upgrading hotels."

He went on to say that the days of "cheap and tacky" seaside resorts were gone and there was now a range of "decent restaurants, eateries and entertainment".

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