Travel News > March 2010 > British Airways strike ends but there is more misery to follow

British Airways strike ends but there is more misery to follow


British Airways cabin crew will return to work tomorrow following their three-day strike but the airline's passengers are being warned that there will still be some flight cancellations and delays early this week as BA tries to get back to normal.

Many of the 12,000 British Airways' cabin crew who walked out at midnight last Friday will not be in the right place for their flights so the airline will have to fly them to the correct locations, which will lead to further disruption.

Crew are planning a second, four-day strike starting this Saturday, bringing further misery to British Airways' passengers. To find out whether your flight will be affected, go to

Holidaymakers planning to book last minute flights with other airlines will also be hit as there are very few seats left, especially on transatlantic flights, and the remaining few are being sold at sky-high fares.

Airlines said the extra demand created by the proposed BA strike meant they had already sold their cheapest seats for flights this weekend and only the more expensive, flexible tickets are available.

British Airways claims that only a third of its passengers have been hit by the first strike, which ends today. Although it has been forced to cancel more than 1,000 flights, the airline has made arrangements for 65 per cent of its passengers to fly with other airlines and it has leased aircraft with crew from rival carriers.

Almost all of BA's Gatwick-based crew have defied their union and continued to work as usual.

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