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BA strikes put on hold by court injunction


Yesterday a High Court injunction put a stop to the planned BA strikes that were due to start today. British Airways is delighted to have won the ruling, but Unite is hoping to appeal against the injunction later today, with a view to arranging strikes to take place later in the month.

Unite were angered by the injunction, slamming it as an 'absolute disgrace' against their rights to take industrial action.

A series of planned walkouts were due to start at midnight last night. In spite of the BA strikes being put on hold, the carrier will still be running a reduced service today at Heathrow due to the short notice of the ruling.

Unite has confirmed that BA cabin crew will comply with the injunction, but the ruling will not have an effect on reaching a conclusion to the ongoing dispute. Further strikes are likely to take place in the near future if Unite are successful with their appeal.

Unite's organisational skills came into question, which led to the injunction. They were criticised for not properly informing members of strike result details.

Originally, BA cabin crew began striking due to staff levels, pay and working conditions, which has since been resolved. The recent BA strikes due to take place were a response to penalties that striking cabin crew were hit with.

Gatwick and London City airports would not have been affected by the BA strikes, but passengers at Heathrow may still be affected for the rest of the week. Normal service should resume by the weekend.

Travellers booked on BA flights this week had to be informed as soon as possible about changes to their journey. Passengers were contacted last Thursday with details of changes to their schedule, and the injunction came too late to prevent disruption this week.

Unite and British Airways are still no closer to reaching an agreement over the ongoing dispute.

Passengers should contact British Airways if they have a Heathrow flight booked this week to find out about any disruptions to their journey.

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