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BA states they will take further action over cabin crew strikes


It's the third day of 15 days of strikes by BA cabin crew, and passengers are already being hit by numerous flight cancellations. British Airways are not convinced the strikes are completely legal.

Yesterday, reports revealed that over 200 flights had been cancelled, but the airline maintains that they are sticking to their promise of flying 70% of passengers. Hundreds more flights are likely to be cancelled over the next couple of weeks.

British Airways is still challenging Unite over their lack of communication over strike ballots. A full court hearing regarding the legalities of the BA strike is imminent. But Unite is confident that they will come out on top. In a statement they said:

Two of the three most senior judges in the land concluded last week that if BA pursued its case for a full hearing, the court would highly probably back the union.

At present, negotiations between Unite and British Airways are at a standstill, but they hope to convene later in the week.

During this week's strikes, BA has claimed that they have enough staff on hand to perform their contingency plans.

British Airways began the first of three five-day walkouts on Monday, and already travellers that have flights booked out of Heathrow have been affected by flight cancellations. Only BA flights leaving Heathrow airport will be affect by the strikes.

If you have a flight booked with British Airways, you can find out if your flight has been cancelled on the BA website by entering your passenger reference number.

If your BA flight is cancelled, the following options will be available to you:

  • Booking onto an alternative BA flight within 355 days of your original booking
  • Flying on a different BA flight to the nearest airport in your destination
  • Booking with an alternative airline that has agreed to help BA during the strikes
  • Cancel your booking and get a refund

The first round of strikes will end on Saturday, with the second round commencing on Sunday after just a one day break. The second round of strikes will affect travellers on bank holiday Monday.

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