Travel News > March 2008 > AOA warns "the UK airport industry cannot stand still"

AOA warns "the UK airport industry cannot stand still"


The Airport Operators Association (AOA) has warned this week that the UK's airport industry cannot "stand still".

According to the association, the UK needs to expand its airports in order to cope with the increase in aviation travel demand and said failing to do so would be running the risk of falling behind the rest of the world in this market.

Neil Pakey, chairman of the AOA, said: "Airport expansion is a natural and necessary consequence of increased demand for air travel.

"Passengers all over the country expect and deserve a smooth and hassle-free experience but too often they are let down through a lack of sufficient infrastructure."

He added that a lack of investment coupled with an "unnecessarily bureaucratic planning process" has brought about a situation which is unsustainable and now needs addressing.

In January this year, the 'High fliers: business leaders' view of air travel' report was published, following a survey of 500 Institute of Directors members.

The report, which was conducted in association with bmi found that 70 per cent of UK companies back airport expansion and believe failure to grow airports would adversely affect their businesses.

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