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Airlines forced to reroute passengers with alternative carriers after 12 hour delay


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The EU has announced changes to their air passenger rights legislation which will come into law in 2014. The new rules are designed to provide clear up any confusion for travellers and airlines by making the airline's responsibility clear.

Air Passenger Rights Legislation: What will change in 2014?

The new rules are currently subject to approval by EU member states and the European Parliament; assuming that they are approved the following changes will come into effect in 2014:

  • After a delay of more than 12 hours airlines will have to use other carriers to get travellers to their destination
  • The circumstances for which compensation is payable will be clarified - air traffic control strikes and natural disasters will qualify for compensation, mechanical failure won't.
  • For international flights and journeys up to 3,728 miles (6,000km), financial recompense will be due after a holdup of nine hours and for longer journeys after 12 hours;
  • Airlines will have to tell travellers about delays and provide the reason why within 30 minutes of the scheduled departure time.
  • Compensation will be payable after a minimum five-hour holdup (this is currently three hours) on any flight within the EU or on any international flight that is shorter than 2,174 miles (3,500kms).

Flight delays: How can travel insurance help?

In addition to your rights under EU law, most travel insurance will also provide cover if your flight is delayed for a long period of time.

Travel insurance from includes a Travel Delay benefit on all policies; it is a fixed benefit which you can claim after a 12 hour delay to help cover additional expenses, such as food and drink, whilst you wait at the airport.

After a 24 hour delay you also get the option to abandon your holiday and make a claim for the cost, up to the amount stated in your travel insurance policy schedule.

For more information about the current your current rights as an air passenger, read our guide.
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