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Sun, Sea, Sangria And Stings

01/08/2010 offers tips for Brits heading to Spain

Following reports of jellyfish swarms on the Costa Blanca Following recent reports that thousands of jellyfish have made the Costa Blanca their home for the summer, leading independent travel insurance specialist,, is offering holidaymakers some useful advice to help avoid jellyfish stings spoiling their break away.

"Last week over 700 people were stung, as record numbers of jellyfish were swept into the region," explained Sarah Findlay, Online Marketing Manager, "Normally, only four or five people would be stung each day, but on Tuesday last week, 380 swimmers were being treated for stings, showing the scale of the problem.

"The jellyfish are small and transparent, making it very difficult for swimmers to spot them before it's too late. Tourists heading to Spain therefore need to be aware of the threat. It's worth finding out, in advance, if they are going to an affected area and checking where the first aid point is, in case they do get stung. Some beaches have been red flagged to stop bathers going in the water, and holidaymakers must never ignore local advice which could put them at unnecessary risk."

Unless there was a severe allergic reaction to the jellyfish sting, would not expect anyone to be admitted to hospital. Most of these cases are treated locally at the first aid centres available on most beaches, or a nearby medical centre. But is warning that treatment costs can vary. First Aid Posts, normally run by the Red Cross or local health authorities, are free of charge. But if holidaymakers choose to go to a medical centre, which are normally private, they could face costs between €80 and €150.

"We strongly advise anyone heading to the Costa to ensure they have travel cover," continued Sarah Findlay. "No matter where you're going this summer, medical treatment for jellyfish stings is just one of the many costs good travel insurance will cover, so we urge everyone to go prepared and protected, leaving them free to enjoy the trip."

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