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Foreign and Commonwealth Office Text and Email Reminders Give Travellers Peace Of Mind


www.insurewithease encourages travellers to sign up to FCO services

Leading travel insurance website,, is welcoming the new Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) free email and text reminder service for travellers. "Anything that can be done to inform travellers before they head off on a trip - no matter how short - has to be a good thing", confirmed Paul Byrne, CEO,

"This service is great because it gives travellers the latest news on their destination, including health advice, as well as reminding them to book travel insurance before heading abroad. We are still surprised by the number of people who think it's not important to have some form of travel insurance. These people are lucky that the FCO exists and can provide local help when they do get in trouble."

The new free email and text service from the FCO is simple to use, holidaymakers register their contact details and travel plans at and the LOCATE service will issue travel and health information before they embark on their trip. In addition, the FCO's LOCATE service provides peace of mind for travellers - and their families and friends back home by locating them and providing essential advice in the event of an emergency while they are away.

"Many UK holidaymakers take the risk of travelling without cover, but this could leave them with huge medical bills should anything go wrong on their trip," continued Paul Byrne, CEO, "The new Foreign Office service could make a real difference to the number of people travelling without insurance, by making them stop and think before they go. People don't realise just how much medical care can cost abroad, leaving people paying for their trip long after they return home.

"Travel insurance doesn't just cover medical expenses, but also applies to lost luggage, sickness or accidents stopping you from travelling, as well as a support and advice when you need it most." aims to make life easier, by offering a range of travel insurance options at the click of a button. Customers can choose from Bronze to Gold for the level of cover to suit their needs and their budget.

The insurewithease policy gives travellers all the essential elements of travel insurance cover for one trip, but with the flexibility to adjust it to fit their personal requirements. Travellers benefit from free cover for children under 18 with insurewithease Gold cover, plus an excess waiver option on both Gold and Silver cover. Cover for last minute bookings is also available, allowing travellers to remove the cancellation cover for the best cost savings. Insurewithease also provides a text message service providing policy number and emergency assistance details, reducing stress in the event of an emergency.

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